Create a news page using WordPress

Did you know you can use WordPress to create a news page for your website?

Creating a dynamic news page on a static website isn’t as difficult as you think. Using WordPress to do this will allow you to add updates to your news page easily.

If you have a website that isn’t built on a content management system (CMS) such as Joomla or WordPress, then you can easily add a news section using WordPress. All you need is access to your hosting, an FTP program as well a little website building knowledge. Failing that, a web design guru will be able to help you out, for a very reasonable fee of course. Here’s the principle:

What is needed?

  1. First of all you will need a database. Most hosting comes with at least 1 free database (MySql). You will need your login information, password etc. These details can be found out from your hosting package. A good hosting company will set up a database for you. Or you can create a database yourself. (I’ll explain exactly what you need later).
  2. Secondly a way of uploading and editing your files on your website. Again a file manager is often provided on your hosting. If you have a bit more knowledge you can use a piece of file transfer protocol (FTP Client) software. Such as FileZilla or Cyberduck (Mac).
  3. And finally a good coffee and about an hour (Colombian Roast).

How’s it done?

  1. Firstly download the WordPress zip folder and unpack it to a folder named as you want on your desktop. News is always a good choice, or blog if it’s a more personal touch you require. Some people have used messages or comments. However people are used to searching sites for news and blog therefore it makes sense to use something common. To download WordPress simply Google ‘Download WordPress’ for the link.
  2. Secondly make sure you have your database details, thats: database name, username, password and location (the location will be the default ‘localhost’ if the database is on the same server as your website. Otherwise your Hosting company will have an IP address).
  3. Then once that is done, you can upload the folder you just created to your website. As it’s already in a folder you can put it within your public_html folder, this would give you a link to your news that looks like: and makes it easier for adding a link to your menu. (Be patient it’s a lot of files to upload).
  4. Lastly open your browser and navigate to the folder you just uploaded, as in the above example – and follow the install instructions, (don’t forget to write down your username and password) it’s really that simple.

Don’t forget…

  1. You can use the default theme for your news which gives a nice black text on white background with the name of your site and a little information. You can also easily create a home button to your website home page, using the appearance/menus section within WordPress.
  2. Your news section would need a link from your home page, if you have a little HTML knowledge you may be able to create this yourself. If not, your local website guru can solve this if required.

What next…

If you would like some help creating a news page. Or if you’d rather get a Website Guru to create one for you. You can contact me on +44(0)7983393371 alternatively use my contact form

Good luck.