Why Design? Why Web Design? - About Me

"I enjoy the creative process, to see my web designs come to 'life' through code, is very satisfying."

Photograph by Becca Lister

Why design?

I love great design, I love creating great design, I love seeing great design, there's something that stirs in us all when we see something that communicates to us, that moment when we say, "wow...that looks so good". That’s why I design, striving to create something that communicates to individuals it's content in a perfect way. Whether that's something as simple as a business card or a brochure or something more complex like a e-commerce website.

Why web design?

Digital media and web design in particular holds a fascination for me, I like the challenge of creating within it's limitations, browser type, device and screen widths, to name a few. Also the language of code, creating something that makes sense visually from just words and symbols gives me a lot of satisfaction. I like the immediacy and transitory nature of design for web as well, giving a website a 'personality' that reflects the content one moment that can be changed to suit in another, the ability for a user able to make decisions with the content at will can be almost artistic in nature. I love creating websites that are great to look at and communicate well on any platform.

My skill set

A little about what I can do: I've developed my skills over 20 years working in the creative industry, this isn't a CV but here's a list:

  • I can draw, paint and sculpt
  • Managed a design/web development team (twice)
  • Expert in Adobe software, Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Build Wordpress templates and custom websites
  • Create code using eclipse, phpstorm and half a dozen other platforms
  • Integration and creation of MySql and Sqlite
  • Developed in PHP AJAX JavaScript HTML5 CSS
  • Created apps for iOS (Xcode) and android (Intel SDK)